Corporate Responsibility: Sustainability

PSAV believes that sustainability is not only our duty to the environment, but also our corporate responsibility as an ethical corporation. With green initiatives to purchase energy-efficient equipment, maintain gear onsite to reduce transportation costs, recycle retired equipment through a safe-disposal program, and follow CIC (Convention Industry Council) green recommendations for meetings whenever possible, PSAV places great emphasis on minimizing our carbon footprint.

Green Technology

PSAV makes every effort to purchase Energy Star-compliant equipment, which is the most environmentally responsible technology available. Additionally, we seek Restriction of Hazardous Substances-compliant products, which are manufactured with the use of minimal hazardous materials.

We’ll help you achieve your green goals by incorporating equipment that requires the least amount of power, such as LED lighting, which use six times less power per unit than other lighting options. We also offer postconsumer recycled flipchart paper, whiteboards and other sustainable meeting supplies.

Generally, modern technology offers greater energy savings, so PSAV continually evaluates equipment, including lifespan, Energy Star compliance and power consumption to introduce more efficient options.

Shipping and Transportation

Whenever possible, we encourage our customers to source their equipment and technicians locally to avoid the environmental impact from shipping and long-distance traveling.

In support of this mission, PSAV maintains more than 1,200 local offices throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and UAE. Not only do these offices have access to local warehouses, but they share technology and team members among properties, drastically reducing, our shipping and transportation carbon footprint.


Once an item is slated for retirement, PSAV employs our certified recycling program to determine if the item can be reused, resold or recycled.

We use a local company, PCDRecycling, to recycle and to ensure environmentally safe disposal of our e-waste. Consumables, such as batteries, light bulbs and filaments, are disposed of properly to keep them out of landfills, and a certificate of recycling confirms the process meets our strict standards.

All our major locations engage in recycling programs for toner, paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum and other common office materials. PSAV prides itself on being a contributing corporate citizen, actively reducing our carbon footprint and encouraging recycling and green initiatives whenever possible.