Global Learning

A Professional Development Network

Regardless of how advanced or cutting-edge our technology is, PSAV knows that our performance is only as effective as the technicians operating it. Therefore, we have developed the finest training program in the industry to invest in our strongest competitive differentiator: our dedicated and knowledgeable team members.

PSAV is committed to the ongoing professional development and technical training of our employees and has a number of proprietary training programs to ensure we continue to educate and guide their career paths. Our team members are our greatest asset.

We also believe that all team members need to understand the culture of the properties with whom they partner. We ask for the opportunity to have our team members experience the same on-boarding in terms of culture and customer expectations that our hotel partners provide to their own employees.

To ensure our team members are the top in the field and are knowledgeable of new technology and industry developments, PSAV provides continuous training programs in:

  • Hospitality — All PSAV team members complete hospitality training, which ensures a base-level understanding of the hospitality industry, our mission for delivering exceptional customer support and an introduction to technical training. Our hospitality courses serve as the foundation of learning for all future job paths and provide a seamless transition into job-specific training.
  • Sales — PSAV believes in constantly providing its sales force with the most up-to-date training available. All PSAV sales team members complete a two days sales training course in one of our corporate locations. These modules are also regionally administered to directors and PSAV managers.
  • Technology — Ongoing technical training is a very high priority in our company, and all team members are expected to be fluent in technical support. Technical training includes, but is not limited to: audio, internet connectivity, lighting, power distribution, projection, rigging and video.

To provide learning access to all team members, courses are offered on-demand, live online or, on-site. Our team members are constantly refining their technical skills and exploring new innovative and creative possibilities for inventing exciting, fresh event solutions.

It is our goal to encourage and enhance our team members’ career development by providing them with the necessary resources and fostering a culture of learning and advancement. We instill a passion for excellence and drive for improvement, while offering our team members a strong foundation to build their and PSAV’s future.