Our Story

As a full-service technology provider, PSAV produces all aspects of events, from networking internet connectivity to overhead rigging to 3-D projection mapping to hybrid meetings. Our 4,500+ full-time professionals receive on-going training through our unrivaled development program, ensuring our events are produced using the latest technology trends. Founded with a strong commitment for innovation and creativity, PSAV is the comprehensive supplier for all your event needs.

With locations in more than 1,200 destination resorts and hotels throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and the UAE, PSAV is the leading in-house audiovisual provider in the industry. Our large network provides unmatched depth of resources in terms of local equipment and team members, enabling us to quickly accommodate last-minute requests faster than anyone else.

We’ve been building our international reputation for more than three quarters of a century. PSAV can trace its roots back to 1937, when Mr. P. Ray Swank and his wife, Lucille Swank, founded Swank Audio Visuals, a company that merged with PSAV in 2012. The company began in St. Louis as a “portable projection service,” predating technology such as color television, FM radio, 8-tracks and audio tape.

In the 1990s, PSAV consolidated leading regional AV companies to meet a growing demand for a single source of consistent, high-quality event technology support. Decades later, our commitment to FLawless EXecution®, exceptional customer service and dramatic results remains unchanged.

Toward our commitment to our customers, PSAV provides a single point of contact to help meeting planners organize their events. Regardless of the event’s location, the dedicated account representative will help the organizer plan all events across the country for the entire year and beyond, so that PSAV remains in touch with the organization’s culture, knowledgeable of the goals and familiar with the group’s specific needs and past event history.

Although the event manager is constant, our resources provide a vast array of versatile service opportunities for our partners and customers. PSAV practices a flexible meeting planning approach, allowing us to tap into our extended assets, such as our Global Sales Organization for hoteliers and our traveling production team supporting meeting planners, to create event solutions that are as unique as the clients and events themselves.

Not only do we possess the technological prowess and advanced equipment to create meeting masterpieces, but we offer the technology and support to help grow revenue. From sponsorships on our exclusive Interactive Video Wall to banner ads on our mobile apps to comprehensive exhibitor services, PSAV helps meeting planners maximize their revenue generation. We also assist our hotel partners grow their revenue through our industry partnerships, networking enhanced by our extensive customer database, marketing collateral and trained sales professionals.

PSAV stays ahead of the technology curve by investing in and developing new innovative technologies. For example, with SwankDraw©, our award-winning proprietary iPad app, our technicians can create digital renderings on the fly! Conceived of by one of our very own team members, SwankDraw allows event planners to play an active role in the design of their event, and it provides a quick and easy method for team members to actually show different event options.

These innovative resources, combined with our unparalleled execution consistency and legendary service, make PSAV an event trendsetter. Technology trends change by the minute, and it’s our goal to ensure our customers have access to the latest equipment available with the technical expertise to successfully support their event. Meeting planners, producers and customers across the corporate, association and special event markets trust PSAV to create memorable experiences, helping people share ideas to inspire change.