Creative Services

From the first meeting where ideas are discussed to the final execution, PSAV provides meeting planners, presenters and participants with unforgettable event experiences. PSAV's Creative Services team strives to provide a portfolio of production and imaginative offerings enabling clients to meet strategic, marketing and communication goals. PSAV ensures creative elements with the appropriate technology are seamlessly integrated to portray the best image and message possible, while providing measurable results for the event.

The PSAV team are strategic storytellers focusing on flawless implementation for the internal and external customers of any event. It is our job to evoke an emotion where the audience will think, feel and believe the presentation being delivered. This award-winning team (six Silver and 14 Bronze Telly's), will listen to your ideas and vision, while helping you achieve your goals. This collaborative partnership will bring your event to a whole new level of audience engagement. So whether you are looking for digital media, produced events or strategic development from A to Z, PSAV will deliver dramatic results every time.

 Our production team consists of staff producers, stage managers, video editors, and graphic designers who create purposeful and engaging content for our clients.

Strategic Events

PSAV Creative Services approaches event communication with the client's key objectives in the forefront. We understand the importance of message continuity and designing with purpose. We believe that a great event is based on telling a strong story and our proprietary brainstorming system, TST, facilities this story: THEME = Objective, STORY = Key Message, THEME.

  • TST Strategy
  • Scripting
  • Monetization
  • Event Conception
  • Message Cohesion
  • Objective Positioning

Digital Media

With the new adoption of ultra widescreen technology and image mapping, having a team with the technical and creative expertise to make content for these non-standard applications is a must. Our award-winning team of designers, 3-D animators and video producers create some of the most innovative and limitless content in the market.

  • Graphic Design
  • Original Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Logo & Icon Development
  • 3-D Rendering
  • Video Production & Editing
  • Audio Production
  • Presentation Design
  • Alternative Media & Mapping

Produced Events

PSAV Creative Services has a full-time staff of producers to provide exceptional show implementation by partnering with our clients throughout the planning process.

PRE-SHOW: • Site visits & planning calls • Create show flows • Organize digital media assets • Content creation • Music selection • Scripting • Budget management

ON-SITE: • Manage technical team • Conduct technical & executive rehearsals • Presenter coaching • Format client presentation • Call all the show cues

POST-SHOW: • Participate in post-show debrief • Measure return on inventment • Deliver finalized content and archival recordings

  • Producer
  • Stage Manager
  • Executive Management
  • Graphics Operation
  • Technical Show Team
  • Scenic Design
  • On-Site Production