Technologies: Digital Services

PSAV’s Digital Services are the perfect way to take a regular meeting to high-tech and to shoot attendee excitement off the charts.

Digital Display

As with any meeting, message is key. Create a lasting impression by enhancing the delivery of your message with our Interactive Video Wall or 3-D wall. With 32 available touch points, PSAV’s Interactive Video Wall or Table allows your guests to interactively engage with your content through touch-screen capabilities. Or present your content with thrilling 3-D technology, displayed in LCD clarity.

Virtual Meetings

Extend the reach of your meeting through real-time HD streaming and Webarchiving. Together these technologies allow you to broadcast your message to attendees anywhere in the world and at any time. Through our customizable online platform, you can even generate extra revenue by offering your event content for a price.


No matter your need, we have a solution. Poll the audience with our audience response system, provide the agenda and exhibitor map through a mobile app, easily gather hundreds of presentations through our Content1TM presentation management system, and even play an active role in your event’s design by working with our trained professionals to create a digital rendering right on-site with our SwankDraw© iPad app.