Technologies: SwankDraw©

The days of sketching the layout for a meeting or event on the back of a notepad or cocktail napkin are over with the debut of SwankDraw by PSAV.

SwankDraw is a proprietary, innovative iPad-based application that allows room designs to be created and “built” on the fly by PSAV’s teams. PSAV’s customers and hotel partners will get an immediate visual of optional looks and layouts for upcoming events.

This app is intended to be used during site visits and other in-person meetings. It is easy to use and simple for clients to follow. Using SwankDraw, PSAV team members are able to design large ballroom settings or small breakout rooms at the touch of a finger. It uses the drag-and-drop feature of the iPad to bring images of room elements, such as podiums, lighting, staging, tables, signage and so much more, into the actual room being considered. The images can then be re-sized or changed quickly and easily.

SwankDraw also gives clients technical staging options to consider for their room design, such as the use of pillow walls, spandex screens, truss accents, intelligent lighting or additional video monitors. At the same time, it can be used to demonstrate how a room can be arranged without time-consuming and costly re-sets.