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How We Protect Your Privacy

The privacy and security of your personal information is very important to us. We do not share your personal information in ways not disclosed in our privacy policy or without your informed permission. We value your trust highly and strive to protect the confidentiality and appropriate use of any personal information you provide to us. Details are described below.

PSAV complies with the EU Safe Harbor framework as set forth by the U.S. Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of personal information from European Union member countries. PSAV has certified that it adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement. To learn more about the Safe Harbor program, and to view PSAV’s certification, please visit 

If there are questions or concerns regarding this statement, please contact: 

PSAV Presentation Services
Attn: Privacy Office
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Privacy Policy

Purpose of this Privacy Policy
Personally Identifiable Information PSAV Collects and Uses
Personally Identifiable Information Disclosure
Web site and Internet Privacy
Links to Other Websites
Active Information Collection
Passive Information Collection
Other Uses and Disclosures of Information
Data Security
How to Opt Out of Receiving Marketing Materials from PSAV
Ask Us / Enforcement of this Privacy Policy
Changes to this Privacy Policy
Acceptance of this Privacy Policy

This is the Audio Visual Services Group, Inc. (doing business as PSAV Presentation Services (“PSAV”)) privacy policy.

Purpose of this Privacy Policy

PSAV recognizes the importance of protecting your personallyidentifiable information (such as your name, phone number, email addressand other contact information, collectively, “PII”) that you provide toPSAV. This Privacy Policy sets forth our policies regarding thecollection, use and disclosure of your PII both through our online andoffline operations. This Privacy Policy also explains how you cancorrect or change the PII we hold about you, or opt out of receivingcertain marketing materials.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to tell you how PSAV strives tobetter serve you by keeping you informed of promotions, products andservices, while, at the same time, safeguarding your PII.

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into, and part of, the Terms of Use, which govern PSAV’s Web sites (the “PSAV Sites”).

Personally Identifiable Information PSAV Collects and Uses

When you order equipment or service and/or join one of PSAV’sprograms, we need to collect certain information about you in order toprovide and improve our services. The service that you chose willdetermine what information we collect from you. This information mayinclude, but not be limited to:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Home and/or business address
  • Phone numbers at which we can contact you
  • Your date of birth
  • Method of payments (credit card and expiration date)
  • Driver’s license and province/country of issuance

When you order equipment or service, we will also record informationthat details your order (e.g. where you ordered the equipment orservice, where and when you used the equipment or service, paymentarrangements, insurance preferences and other information related to theequipment or service personnel).

We may also need certain information from you when you request any ofthe following services or equipment: Special Needs/Optional Equipment;Special Offers/Discounts; Partner Member Numbers; use of a PSAVCorporate Discount code. For example, if you wish to use a discount thatPSAV provides to members of an association/affiliate to which youbelong, we may collect information about your membership to verify andprovide you with the correct discount for our services.

How we collect this information will depend on how you use ourservices. We may collect this information directly from you by postalmail, phone, fax, email, at our offices, upon completion of anapplication or enrollment form, or through your use of our PSAV Sites orthe Internet. To the extent you use our PSAV Sites, we may also collectinformation about your use of our PSAV Sites, transactional and accountinformation, email and other information related to communications toour PSAV Sites. We may also collect information about you indirectlythrough a travel agent, an account program in which you or your employerparticipates or through one of our partner programs when you deal withus through those means. Additionally, our affiliates and third partiesmay provide us with information about you.

You may choose not to provide some of your PII to us, but this mayprevent us from providing our services to you, or limit our ability toprovide you with the level of service that you would otherwise expectfrom us.

Personally Identifiable Information Disclosure


We strive to ensure that we give you a stress-free experience and arededicated to building a rewarding and lasting relationship with everycustomer. In order to provide the level of service we believe you expectfrom us, we may use your PII for the following purposes:


  • To provide the services and offerings that you request, and to communicate with you regarding such services and offerings;
  • To do all things necessary to administer those services;
  • To research, develop, manage, protect and improve our PSAV Sites and services;
  • To maintain and develop our service-oriented software and other business systems; and
  • To analyze data, or to have a third party do so on our behalf.

We also use your PII information or some discrete part such as youremail address for other purposes. If you use our PSAV Sites, informationmay also be used to evaluate what portions of our PSAV Sites arevisited more often than others, determine where visitors came from,where they go, and how long they stay on a particular page, or on thePSAV Sites in general.

We may match information collected from you through different meansor at different times, including, for example, information collectedonline and offline, and use such information along with informationobtained from other sources, including third parties.

To do this, it is often necessary to share this information withcarefully selected vendors and business partners we work with, such ascompanies that manage accounts, offer affinity, frequent-user, andreward programs, and companies that perform marketing services and otherbusiness operations for us. For more information see Disclosing below.



We may disclose your PII to affiliated and non-affiliated organizations including, for example:

  • To your company or organization if you use our services under a corporate or other commercial account;
  • To entities that provide services on our behalf;
  • To your credit card issuer;
  • To credit reporting and fraud checking agencies; To debt collection agencies, if you fail to pay monies owed to us;
  •  To government, regulatory and law enforcement agencies where thedisclosure is required or authorized by law, and otherwise as we believeis necessary or appropriate to satisfy any law, regulation or othergovernmental request, to operate our PSAV Sites properly, or to protector defend our rights or the or rights well-being of our employees, usersor others or if you are involved (or are suspected by governmentalauthorities or our security functions to be involved) in any illegalactivity, even without a subpoena, warrant or court order.

If you come to our site through an affiliate, we may also discloseyour information to our affiliates and non-affiliated business partnersfor their use both on our behalf and for their own business purposes.You may opt-out of us disclosing your PII for these purposes through oneof the methods described below.

We may also share your information with other non-affiliated thirdparties, such as entities that provide services for or through our PSAVSites or for our business (e.g., advertisers, ad servers, contentproviders, services providers, credit card processors, fulfillmentservices providers, email list hosting companies and distributioncompanies) that use such information on our behalf consistent with thisPrivacy Policy. These types of third parties are not permitted to useyour information for any secondary purposes.

We may also transfer or assign your information to third parties as aresult of or in connection with a sale, merger, consolidation, changein control, transfer of assets, reorganization or liquidation.

Web site and Internet Privacy

If you use our PSAV Sites or otherwise interact with us via the Internet, the following privacy-related policies also apply:

Links to Other Websites

Our Site may contain links or references to other Web sites outsideof our control, and the privacy policies of these sites may differ fromour own. Please be aware that we have no control over such Web sites andour privacy policy does not apply to such Web sites. We advise you tocheck the privacy policies of such sites before disclosing any PII viasuch sites.

Active Information Collection

At various points on the PSAV Sites, you might choose to activelyprovide certain kinds of information, including personally identifiableinformation, such as full name, address, phone number, email address,etc. The Site typically will indicate which information is required andwhich information is optional at the information collection point inquestion. In any case, by submitting information via an activeinformation collection point at any of the PSAV Sites, you specificallyconsent to the collection, use, and dissemination of such information inaccordance with this Privacy Policy.

Active information collection points at this Site may include:

Online Transactions

PSAV maintains rigorous standards to protect your personalinformation. We use encryption technology to ensure the securetransmission of any personal information you provide for use during anonsite transaction. All transactions at our site are conducted using128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. SSL is the standardsecurity technology for establishing an encrypted link between a Webserver and a Web browser. This link ensures that all data passed betweenthe Web server and browsers remain private and integral. SSL s anindustry standard and is used by millions of Web sites in the protectionof online transactions with customers. You can easily determine whenyou are sending data securely by looking at the Web address (URL) inyour browser window: the first few letters will change, from “http” to“https” when you are transmitting information protected by SSLencryption. The “s” in “https” stands for “secure.”  

Email Reply Mechanisms

The PSAV Sites may provide you with one or more email mechanismsthrough which you may submit questions or comments. Information youprovide via such email mechanisms is typically optional. We may use theinformation you provide in your email to respond to your inquiry, and wereserve the right to retain whatever information you submit in youremail, including your name, email address, and any comments or otherinformation that you send via the email mechanism.

Question, Comment, and Feedback Forms

The PSAV Sites may post a form for you to use in submittingquestions, comments, and other feedback about us, our affiliates, thePSAV Sites, or our affiliates' products and services, and other topics.We use such feedback information to improve the PSAV Sites, andaffiliates' products and services as well as for marketing and researchpurposes. Most information you provide in such forms is optional, butyou will need to provide at least some personally identifiableinformation, such as your name, address, email address, and phonenumber, so that we may respond to your inquiry.

Information Request Forms

The PSAV Sites may include a form that you can use to requestinformation about us, our affiliates, or our affiliates' products andservices, or to request catalogs or brochures or price quotes. Inaddition to asking you to identify the specific information or materialsin which you are interested, these forms may request, among otherthings, your name, phone number, mailing address, and email address, sothat we may send you the information or materials you request. Theseforms may also request certain demographic information about you to helpus better understand your interests and needs.

Surveys and Evaluations

The PSAV Sites may ask you to complete optional surveys andevaluations about us, our affiliates, the PSAV Sites, or our affiliates'products and services, and other topics. These surveys and evaluationsmight request personally identifiable information, such as your name andemail address, so that we can follow up with you. Typically, we usesuch surveys and evaluations to better understand our customers andtheir preferences.

Registration Forms

Because access to portions of this Site is restricted to authorizedusers, you may be required to complete a registration form. This formmay ask you for a variety of information that will help us to identifyyou and contact you, such as your name, business address, office emailaddress, office phone number, and your relationship to us. Registrationinformation will be associated with your username and password, withoutwhich you will not be able to access the restricted portions of the PSAVSites.

Passive Information Collection

The PSAV Sites uses various technologies to passively collectinformation from you while you are visiting (that is, you do notactively provide this information). Such technologies allow the PSAVSites to collect a range of non-personally identifiable information,including your Internet Protocol (IP) address (a unique identifierautomatically assigned to your computer when logging onto the Internet),the type of Web browser and operating system you use, the date and timeyou visit the Site, the specific pages you visit on the Site, and theaddress of the Web site you visited before coming to this Site. Wetypically use such passively collected information for a variety ofpurposes, such as to administer the Site, customize the Site to yourpreferences, and compile aggregated statistics for marketing andresearch purposes. We reserve the unrestricted right to use thispassively collected, non-personally identifiable information, including,but not limited to, selling, leasing, permitting access to, orotherwise transferring it to our affiliates, business partners,advertisers, dealers, and other third parties.

Two types of passive information collection technologies deserve special mention:



"Cookies" are small text files that store information about yourinteractions with a particular Web site, either temporarily (known as a"temporary" or "session" cookie, and deleted once you close your browserwindow) or more permanently on the hard drive of your computer (knownas a "permanent" or "persistent cookie"). Cookies can make it easier touse a Web site by allowing servers to access certain informationquickly:


  • Session cookies can be used to help a user's browser navigate a Website more smoothly and may show up if the user comes from a Web sitewith which the subsequent Web site has some relationship (e.g., a Website of an affiliated company) and can give helpful information. 
  • Persistent cookies can be used to customize a Web site for a user,such as by storing passwords, preferences, and registration and accountinformation so that users do not have to reenter them each time theyvisit a Web site.

This Site uses both session/temporary cookies andpersistent/permanent cookies to store information that allows us tooffer you better customer service and to navigate through the Site withease. To make the Site easier to use, we combine information collectedvia cookies with personally identifiable information. Note that if youconfigure your browser to reject cookies, you might not be able toaccess important functions or areas of the Site or enjoy certainconveniences at this Site.

Other Uses and Disclosures of Information

As indicated above, we use information we collect from you via thisSite for a variety of purposes. Unless otherwise provided above, we mayalso use personally and non-personally identifiable information yousubmit via the PSAV Sites in the following ways:

  • to conduct internal marketing and research; and
  • to improve the content of the Site. 

From time to time, our service providers may have access toinformation you submit via the PSAV Sites to provide operational orother support services for the PSAV Sites (e.g., Web hosting or databaseservices). We have put in place agreements with such service providersto protect against unauthorized uses or disclosures of such information.

Except as otherwise provided in the "Active Information Collection"section above, we also reserve the right to sell, lease, provide access,or otherwise transfer personally identifiable information you submitvia the PSAV Sites to our business partners (including email deliveryservices and content providers), affiliates, and dealers for thepurposes described in this Privacy Policy.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Privacy Policy orelsewhere on the PSAV Sites, we reserve the right to share or transferany information you submit via the PSAV Sites to another person orcompany in connection with the sale, assignment, or other transfer ofthe business of the PSAV Sites and/or PSAV Presentation Services; torespond to law enforcement requests; or where required by applicablelaw, statute, regulation, ordinance, subpoena, or court order. Bysubmitting personally identifiable information via the PSAV Sites, youconsent to such disclosures in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Data Security

Although we take steps to protect personally identifiable informationyou provide via the PSAV Sites from loss, misuse, or unauthorizedalteration, no system is 100 percent secure or error-free. Therefore, wedo not, and cannot, guarantee the security or accuracy of theinformation we collect via this Site, and you acknowledge that you areassuming the risk in transmitting any information to us.

It is your responsibility to safeguard any usernames and passwordsyou use to access portions of this Site and to notify us if you eversuspect that these usernames or passwords have been compromised. Youacknowledge that you are solely responsible for any unauthorized use ofthis Site conducted via your username or password.

How to Opt Out of Receiving Marketing Materials from PSAV

You can opt-out of our use and disclosure of your PII for marketingpurposes and customer satisfaction surveys, and/or withdraw your priorconsent for same, by the methods provided below. Your consent will bewithdrawn; however, it is possible that you may receive correspondencesscheduled prior to our receipt and processing of your opt-out request.


To Opt Out of E-mail Campaigns:

You may click on the clear “opt out” indicator in promotional ormarketing email that you have received from us or you can E-mail usdirectly at put the word “Unsubscribe” in the subject line.  If you use morethan one email address, then send your opt-out email from each of youremail addresses.


To Opt Out of Postal Mail from PSAV and/or our partners:

You may email us at with the words “Opt Out of Postal Mail” in the subject line, or write to us at:

PSAV Presentation Services
Attn: Privacy Office
111 West Ocean Boulevard
Suite 1110
Long Beach, California 90802 
Phone: 1-562-366-0621
Fax: 1-562-366-0628

We may also provide additional methods for you to opt-out of havingyour PII used or disclosed for promotional and marketing purposes, suchas by clicking on a checkbox located on the page of our site on whichyour PII is collected, or otherwise made available when you makereservations.

Your option not to receive promotional and marketing material: (a)shall not preclude us from corresponding with you, by email orotherwise, regarding your relationship with us (e.g., your accountstatus and activity or our responses to questions or inquiries you poseto us, confirmations for existing reservations); (b) shall not precludeus, including our employees, contractors, agents and otherrepresentatives, from accessing and viewing your PII for our internalbusiness purposes; and (c) shall not preclude us from disclosing yourPII as described in this Privacy Policy for purposes other than sendingyou promotional and marketing materials.

If you wish to contact us to: (1) inquire about our privacypractices; (2) provide feedback and comments regarding our privacypractices; or (3) access or correct your PII we have, contact us asdetailed above.

Ask Us / Enforcement of this Privacy Policy

If at any time you have questions, comments, or concerns about thisPrivacy Policy, or the information practices of this Site, pleasecontact us in one of the following ways:



PSAV Presentation Services
Attn: Privacy Office
111 West Ocean Boulevard, Suite 1110
Long Beach, California 90802 
Phone: 1-562-366-0621
Fax: 1-562-366-0628

 Changes to this Privacy Policy

PSAV reserves the right, at our discretion, to change, modify, add,or remove portions from this Privacy Policy at any time so visitors areencouraged to review this Privacy Policy at the inception of eachsession.

Acceptance of this Privacy Policy

By using our Site, or otherwise providing your PII to us, you signifyyour acceptance of our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to thispolicy, please do not use the PSAV Sites or provide any PII to us.

This Privacy Policy was last revised on January 1, 2009.

Terms of Use


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The provisions and conditions of these Terms, and each obligationreferenced herein, represent the entire Agreement between PSAV, itsaffiliated or related entities, and you, and supersede any prioragreements or understandings not incorporated herein. In the event thatany inconsistencies exist between these Terms and any future publishedterms of use or understanding, the last published Terms or terms of useor understanding shall prevail.