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With more than three-quarters of a century of experience, PSAV offers the perfect partnership for hotels, resorts and conference centers. Our focus on delivering innovative technology, combined with legendary customer service, maximizes your revenue and your guests' satisfaction.

Guest expectations are escalating, ever intensifying the challenge for hoteliers to meet the rising demand for more sophisticated technology and connectivity. Are you meeting your guests' mounting technical expectations, while preparing for the next phase of innovation?

That's when you turn to PSAV. We'll help drive existing and new business, while providing immediate access to a wide array of local technology and professionals. Our team of experts, who are as creative as they are technical, receive continuous training and are backed by one of the industry's largest inventories of cutting-edge equipment positioned to maximize revenue.

Making a Measurable Difference

When you have 45,000 square feet of flexible function space located on 760 waterfront acres, you need an event technology partner that not only delivers the best in audiovisual equipment and show production expertise, but garners a sizable return on your investment as well. That's why Deerhurst, a Skyline Resort in Ontario's famed Muskoka region, recently switched to PSAV. Today, audiovisual equipment, mobile content, rigging, power distribution, high-speed Internet access and more are being provided to planners by PSAV, along with revenue growth and a throng of happy customers.

"In today's economy, it's critical to invest in services and partnerships that deliver a concrete ROI as quickly as possible," said Clee Varon, Deerhurst Director of Sales and Marketing. "When the contract came up for renewal with our existing audiovisual partner, we went shopping. It's not that we were unhappy; there were never any technology issues. It was merely a financial decision. PSAV came to the table with ROI at the forefront. New, high-tech equipment was the icing on the cake.

"While equipment is important, planners aren't as concerned about the type of screen or monitor being provided as they are the support they receive once the meeting or social event has started," Varon said. "In addition to generating new sources of revenue for the convention services department, PSAV brings a proactive sales approach to customer service that we never experienced before. PSAV's on-site technician is involved with our customers from the onset. He comes ready to listen, and brings fresh ideas for using technology to make events one of a kind. Because of PSAV's involvement, our clients feel that Deerhurst has their best interest for a successful event at heart. In turn, it has greatly increased revenues from commissionable sales. In all, our new relationship with PSAV is stellar, and our customers could not agree more. Every comment we receive about PSAV's service and support is phenomenal. "

Over the Bridges and through the Gala

PSAV Director of Sales Ryan Yarczower and his team at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park garnered exceptional feedback from their client for PSAV’s execution of the annual gala for Bridges from School to Work.

The team used 150 pillow wall pieces and exceeded the client’s expectations, while saving their client from extra spending on outsourcing scenic elements.

“The client’s boss couldn’t believe how nice it turned out and said it was better than the prior years when they paid more for these elements,” said Yarczower.

Following the event, the event producer, Juliana Sloper, expressed her appreciation to Yarczower and his team with the following thank-you note.

“Thank you again for all of your help, patience, flexibility and sense of humor over the last few months as we dug through the details of the 2013 Marriott Foundation Bridges Gala. It has been such a pleasure to work with you and your team. I’m so incredibly pleased with how the event turned out — from the quick setup time to the look of the backdrop to the flawless show, I truly couldn’t do my job successfully without you… Thank you all so much! I look forward to working with you again soon!” 

 WiiTM Have a Great Time In Mind

The PSAV on-site team was approached by the Grand Hyatt San Antonio sales department to develop a creative event to assist in keeping a group at the property versus leaving the hotel for a team building dinner experience. The group had booked all the guest rooms at the property but not any meeting space. The PSAV team, working hand-in-hand with the Hyatt team, brainstormed and presented a theme centered on the idea of "Wii Have a Great Time in Mind." 

At that point, the PSAV went to work creating several conceptual renderings to demonstrate the idea of having multiple Wii stations throughout the room and generate some excitement at the same time.

After the idea was presented, the client was Wii-energized about keeping their team-building event at the property and loved the concept...the hotel was successful in keeping the group on property and capturing the event. 

At first, the party was for a few dozen and then it went to a few hundred when spouses and children were invited after hearing PSAV's concept. The party used approximately two-dozen Wii stations with approximately three-dozen remotes (one player or two player games depending on the station). This was all done in one ballroom that was approximately 60 feet x 120 feet. For the party, there were multiple rear projected screens and monitors. The "bowling alley" was the eye-catcher when you walked in the door.

The centerpiece of the room was a massive truss bar that reached 20 feet in height with three surrounding service stations and an open area facing the service hall for restocking. The bar was assembled in pieces of truss by the PSAV team.

In the end, the client was thrilled because their rising-star employees were happy because their families were had such a great time.

Connectivity on a Whole 'Nother Level

PSAV recently supported one of the most complex HSIA setups to date for a hands-on training event at the Hilton San Francisco.

With more than 2,000 attendees, the PSAV team knew they had to provide a seamless HSIA experience. PSAV’s Event Managers of Network Services Leo Zrada and Anthony Placeres and Client Network Engineer Robert Pace worked closely with the on-site team to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

The team connected a CAT5 Ethernet cable to each laptop, which dedicated 100MB/s WiMax circuit, and created a clean look by not having any cables dangling from the tables. To achieve that look, they sealed the cables to the bottom of the drape line at each table.

“With five months of pre-planning and weekly conference calls for the final two months leading up to the event, this was one of our biggest and most complex HSIA setups ever, and it had a smooth rollout due to the invaluable support of Leo Zrada, Anthony Placeres and Rob Pace,” said Director of Event Technology Jeff Liu. “The weeklong event ran seamless, and the client personally thanked us individually at the end of the event and looks forward to partnering with us again next year.”