Patrick Hill

Managing Director — EMEA

Renee Lane

Finance Director — EMEA

Kara Revill

HR Director EMEA

Karen Robertson

Sales & Operations Director — Europe

Andy Fraser

Events Director — Europe

Alain Lamens

Head of Operations, Europe

Simon Tibbs

Head of Operations & Sales, UAE

Donald Ma

Managing Director — Hong Kong & China

Hamish Slengard

Head of Sales & Operations — Asia

Ingolf Zschockelt

CFO of the KFP Group, Frankfurt/Main

Benjamin Hix

Head of IT of the KFP Group, Frankfurt/Main

Christian Rafflenbeul

CEO of KFP Five Star Conference Service, Frankfurt/Main

Klaus Flettner

CEO of the KFP Group, Frankfurt/Main

Rainer Koenig

Director of Key Accounts, Frankfurt/Main

Thomas Gemmerich

Senior Key Account Manager – Corporate Clients, Frankfurt/Main

Judith Stetter

Head of HR – Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Patrick Hill

Managing Director — EMEA

Patrick Hill has over 36 years’ industry experience and has a passion for business, sales, new technology and live events. A successful leader with a track record of implementing innovative business solutions. Highly motivated with a proven ability to develop people and commercialise all aspects of a business. Experienced in converting every opportunity into success and driving profit and growth. Having owned AVC Live Ltd for 35 years, Hill is now part of the PSAV senior team and oversees all EMEA functions.

Patrick Hill can be contacted on or telephone +44 (0)1753 567377