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PSAV Teams up for Success

For the third year, PSAV partnered with a communications agency to make the an annual beverage company event in San Antonio a success. The event was one of PSAV’s biggest rigging projects to date. PSAV provided audio, video and lighting services along with production management.

PSAV hauled in seven 53-foot trailers full of equipment, from multiple cities to put on a show for more than 3,400 attendees. The team worked rigorously over 10 days to install and operate a custom software-based audio console that controlled a PA system of more than 80 speakers. PSAV and VWV also conceived a 180-foot x 30-foot multi-dimensional screen to provide a cityscape view at the general session. The production required more than 120 chain motors, more than 1,800 feet of truss, a multitude of lights and 18 projectors that provided more than 260 continuous feet of scenic projection.

“We tried to make the event as meaningful as possible by providing some very powerful images with a noteworthy way of delivering commercials. PSAV did a great job of supporting that process by making sure we got the technology we needed to utilize the screen we built,” said the meeting planner.

Though faced with challenges of room sizes, projection positioning and air volume, PSAV pulled off the event without a hitch.

“This was a complicated project with many variables. It is always rewarding to achieve the company goals on challenging projects for a large company,” said PSAV Senior Project Manager Michael Newburg.

“We strived to give them the best show possible, and they are not used to an AV vendor driving them toward the best solution for the project,” said PSAV Senior Sales Manager Chris Peterson.

When asked about the experience the meeting planner had with PSAV for this event, they responded, “The overall experience was great. This is the second year we’ve worked with this crew, and they’ve become very much in sync with the presenters. The reality is technology can be provided by anybody. It’s really about the people who are making it come to life. PSAV has people are who professional and very talented, and they have done a great job for us. It really helped us provide an experience for our client.”

The meeting planner also noted that they intend to work with PSAV again for next year’s convention.

Making the Right Switch

In early February, PSAV supported a technology sales kickoff for the first year and forged a blossoming relationshipwith the Internet company.

Held at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, more than 800 attendees came through during the seven-day conference.

Just 21 days before the event, the Internet company decided to make a switch from its AV partner of more than five years to PSAV. Being the exclusive AV provider of the hotel, the PSAV team knew that they had a slight edge, but it would take numerous phone calls, emails and meetings to demonstrate that they could do more than their existing AV provider could. The PSAV team showed their executives their knowledge and background on AV and convinced them that they certainly enthuse their attendees. They agreed to make the switch and requested to use a large blended seamless screen for the first time ever at its general session.

With less than a month to prepare, 30 PSAV team members worked nonstop to set up the general session and breakout meetings, addressed last-minute requests, and ensured a flawless event.

In the general session, PSAV provided a JBL 4887 12 box line array system, a Yamaha PM5D mix, 10 wireless microphones, 15 clearcom headsets and belt packs, a Video-Spyder X20 Switch, 32x32 DVI router, three Mac Playback Pro Towers, three Matrox dual head to-go kits, six Image Pro HD, seven Christie 18K HD DLP Projectors, six DVI fiber kits, 55-inch LED monitors, 46-inch downstage monitors, nine Mac 550 Profiles, 12 LED Color Blaze, 12 LED Color blasts, 36 assorted Lekos, Vista Lighting control, 15 half-ton motors and a large supply of truss.

During the event, the company's CEO and vice president of sales voiced their satisfaction with the screen and its ability to reach its large audience.

“This is a perfect example of how teamwork between the hotel’s director of event technology, PSAV on-site sales and PSAV national sales can work together to establish a relationship,” said PSAV Sales Manager Tim Curtin.

Taylored to Perfection

PSAV Orlando partnered with Sparks Marketing Group to create “the best booth at the 2013 PGA Show,” as acclaimed by the world’s largest online golf community, Golf WRX. The exhibit space was crafted for TaylorMade Golf Company and located on the west side of the Orange County Convention Center.

With just two weeks to plan, the PSAV team of 35 rose to the challenge to deliver an awe-inspiring exhibit that consisted of three large retail stores, seven intricately lighted exhibit booths, a hitting bay and an inviting lounge area.

The team used more than 600 lights, 500 moving lights, 100 Color Force LEDs, a 100-by-30-foot projection blend, three HD camera shoots, a VERTEC line array system, 152 chain motors and two 10-foot Twitter towers to enhance the exhibit space.

For three days, thousands of attendees made their way through the tunneled entrance of TaylorMade’s exhibit space and left constant praises and compliments for the PSAV team and its partners.

Following the event, Sparks Marketing Group Account Manager Danielle Lanyon said, “All of your efforts went above and beyond expectations. Your team’s availability for countless phone calls, meetings and working hand-in-hand with us, as designs changed by the hour, demonstrates the partnership we are pleased to have. ...I personally cannot thank you guys enough, as you and the team were a huge support from beginning to end. We delivered the exhibit, but you made it shine! You guys rock!”

PSAV Navigates, Networks and Transforms with the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association

In early November at the Gaylord National Hotel and Conference Center,PSAV teamed up with the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) tokick off its annual leadership conference: Crossroads of a ConnectedWorld.

PSAV provided creative, audiovisual, interactive, staging and facility services.

The event called for a comprehensive planning session between PSAV and the association. Over several months, PSAV Executive Director of Creative Services Jess Stephens, his team, and the association came up with a strategic event system. The PSAV team analyzed the main objective of the event, created a storyboard, and designed components for the event from concept to execution.

“We came up with a plan to make everything an attendee sees, touches or hears have a purpose,” said Stephens. “Our goal was to have that experience resonate with the attendees.”

For three days, more than 750 female health professionals gathered to network, watch presentations, connect via the PSAV co-developed mobile event app (designed for all mobile devices), and experience a one-of-a-kind event. At night, attendees were treated to performances by trapeze artists and acrobats.

Following the event, members of the HBA expressed their appreciation to PSAV. “Thank you for all your hard work, great ideas and creativity throughout the process,” said Genentech National Sales Director Quita Highsmith. “It was fantastic, and we are looking forward to an even better show next year.”